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We Offer Halal Investment, Islamic Investment Or Shariah Compliant Investment Options In Accordance To The Principles Laid Down By The Shariah Law. Also Called As Ethical Investment Or Socially Responsible Investment, Which Avoids All Businesses And Trading Practices Involving Riba (Interest), Alcohol, Tobacco, Gambling, Pornography, etc Which are Considered Social Evils And Are Also Haram (Forbidden) In the Islamic Law.

We Help You Invest & Grow Your Savings In Shariah Compliant Halal Mutual Funds To Meet Your Financial Goals, Or Trade In Shariah Compliant Shares Directly In The Stock Market & Earn Halal Income. Trade & Invest Ethically To Achieve Good In This World As Well As In The Hereafter.

Saving Is Not Enough, Your Savings Loose Value Every Year Due To Inflation & Price Rise. Your Savings Must Grow Simultaneously In Order To Benefit You In Future. Shariah Compliant Mutual Funds Invests Your Savings In Shariah Compliant Companies To Give Halal Returns. If You Are Saving For Your Long-Term Goals Like Child's Education Or Marriage, Buying a House, Going For Hajj Or Umrah, etc. It Only Makes Sense That Your Savings Should Grow Simultaneously So That It Can Overcome The Rising Prices Of Such Goals.

Shariah Compliant Mutual Funds Offer Much Needed Liquidity As They Are Open-Ended Funds Where You Can Invest Or Withdraw Anytime In Case Of Emergency, But The Real Benefit Of Growth Is In Remaining Invested For Long Term. There Is No Lock-In Period And Your Investments Can Be Redeemed In 3-5 Business Days.

Shariah Compliant Mutual Funds Are Very Professionally Managed Funds By Industry Experts. Since They Invest and Operate In The Stock Markets, They Are Subject To Short Term Crashes & Volatility, But Since Their Investments Are Smartly Diversified Across Companies & Sectors, They Are Less Riskier Than Investing Directly In The Stock Markets. They are Also Highly Regulated By Government Agency SEBI That Ensures Transparency & Accountability In The Day To Day Business Of The Funds.


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